About Shivam Goswami

  • Academic Level: Degree Bachelor
  • Gender : Male
  • Industry : Development
  • Experience : 16
  • Location : Noida
  • Skills : IntegrationSalesforceVisualforceLWCAPEX
  • Pref. Location : Delhi
  • Current : Web Developer
  • Education : BCA
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About me

Discover your path to success with Salesforce Admin. Our platform offers invaluable resources for job seekers aiming to excel in Salesforce administration. From comprehensive tutorials to expert tips, we provide the tools and guidance you need to land your dream role and thrive in the dynamic world of Salesforce.”


  • 2021 - 2024
    CCS University Meerut


    Embarking on my journey post-graduation from CCS University, I am equipped with knowledge, skills, and determination. With a foundation rooted in excellence, I am poised to tackle real-world challenges, contribute meaningfully, and forge ahead in my chosen field. Ready to make my mark, I embrace the opportunities that lie ahead.


  • 2024 - 2024

    Salesforce Admin

    My tenure as a Salesforce Admin has been transformative. Leveraging my expertise in user management, automation, and customization, I’ve optimized workflows, enhanced efficiency, and driven revenue growth. With a proven track record of success, I continue to innovate, streamline processes, and exceed expectations, propelling businesses towards excellence.


Salesforce Admin



Honors & awards

  • 2021

    Best Employee

    Honored as the Best Employer, my dedication to fostering a thriving workplace culture stands as a testament to my leadership. Through empowerment, recognition, and fostering growth opportunities, I cultivate a team-driven environment where innovation flourishes. This accolade reaffirms my commitment to creating a workplace where every individual thrives and succeeds.


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